Life a Blur?

Most of us just drift through life
so focused on our daily strife
that we seldom take stock
of the bigger picture, what we really want ..

Swept along in the blur of busyness
do you dare heed your dreams?
Or so complaisant in societal obligations
 rigidly conforming without pause!

Think a moment, what is your purpose?
Is this busy blur doing you any kindness?
What might benefit you more?
Can you accomplish that without being too poor?

Assess your values and goals
make some changes before you suffocate
buried by your own burdens
please don’t die wondering …
if you could have made that change?

Daily Prompt:  Blur- 20.2.2017


  1. Yes, so important to live knowing we’ve done things that make a difference and bring us happiness. Many times by being more fulfilled as an individual we have a more positive outlook on life and pass that along to others making the world a little bit of a better and brighter place.

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  2. Your poem, when followed through stanza by stanza, gives a pretty full and complete view of how so many progress through life. When we can step away from the unnecessary busyness and the societal norms that get placed on us, that at least gives us the opportunity to stop and access our values, goals and dreams of what we desire our lives to be and look like.

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  3. It’s sad to me when life gets so busy it all becomes a blur. 😦 So I try to do deliberate things to slow things down. 🙂
    Your poem is wonderful and wise, ponderful and positive, and and has me mulling over the important questions you asked us. 🙂
    OH! Your photo is beautiful…love the soft delicate details!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. Brilliant write. Indeed the kind of life we all are living now is a busy blur. We just don’t take out time to introspect, to find out what we really want from life.

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  5. Namaste Calm Kate 🙂

    Eloquently stated, perfectly poised: your poem is purposefully penned and succinct in its message. It’s good to see your feather flutter 🙂

    It takes conviction in ones beliefs and courage and tenacity to pursue ones goals. Few are fortunate enough to fulfil their heart’s desire whilst far to many find misfortune, disquiet and dis-ease living conventional lives and working in unfulfilling professions. It is unfortunate that we are not born with the knowledge and wisdom we die with but are required instead to learn our mistakes through experience and periods of self-reflection. You are quite right to suggest that it is never to late to change the path we are on even if that would entail perceived compromise. Is it not far better to know of happiness and fulfilment than it is to be weighed down by perpetual regret? Our eagerness for material success does not define us. It may provide a certain quality of life, but if our only measure of success is gauged by the value of what we own, doesn’t this then perhaps suggest we fail to identify our true worth as a human-being?

    To wander in wonder is not to drift:
    Dreaming is the art of the poet!
    But to ponder longer and never conjure,
    Is to squander the gift and blow it.

    Namaste 🙂


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    • well said Dewin … never been into material things so I just don’t get why others are so caught up in it … treadmill, indoctrination … I followed my dreams and everyone should 🙂

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      • Namaste Calm Kate 🙂

        It is obvious that you did follow your dreams, your personal sense of happiness shines as bright as your Sunflower gravatar. Long may that continue 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


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  6. “please don’t die wondering …
    if you could have made that change?”…i wonder how many have gone ahead of us with that burden…it is always a blessing to live another day for us to better our lives and make that signigicant impact in other people’s lives as well..

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  7. This is a statement of truth. I wish every person from 15 to 99 could read it every day. I really mean that. You’ve hit on the great horror of modern life. We zoom from place to place seeing nothing, not even what is right in front of us.

    Excellent poem.

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