I’ve visited many an arid region
deserts where they say nothing grows
but the landscape is constantly changing
sand dunes blown about
rocks rising or sinking from the surface
and always there is some critter or plant
that tenaciously clings to life here.

Yet I’ve been to even more arid cities
man-made landscapes so crowded
where too many struggle for community
or connection which evades in these vast
arid anonymous environments
the only critters or plants cultivated
survive in cages or pots: seems arid to me!

We humans need community and connection
to flourish and grow; support and
encouragement ensures we stay healthy
and sure families might achieve this in a city
but how many neighbourhoods really nurture
each other in a productive manner?
For me less arid are our small rural areas.

Where do you flourish?

Daily Prompt:  Arid – 26.2.17 – google pic