Translate or Interpret?

Have perused your posts on this topic
and enjoyed the variations on this theme!
From standard phrases that barely convey our meaning
to misunderstanding of our emphasise or words

Lived, studied and worked abroad
so using translators has been essential
Some do it literally while others embellish
best are those that get the emotional and social context

Yet basic communication can often evade us
We need to reframe and question to understand
because we can hurt another when we miss their point
Active listening is crucial but how many of us do it?

Being honest, direct and concise helps
then check meaning and intent to nurture
healthier communication in all our relationships!

Daily Prompt:  Translate – 19.2.2017 – my herd by the oasis!


      • wow great stuff, I’m impressed, so your art is your outlet 🙂

        Have you been reading Marie on Create Space’s bullying series … she is an adult educator from UK and blogging from personal experience about her kids!

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        • That’s awesome, I’ll have to check out her blog. Usually away from work it’s not something I focus on too much, but I’m always looking for more things to inspire me and that I can use in my job.
          I quite enjoy my job, and it’s definitely important topics for the kids.

          That said my goal over the next few years is to become a full time wtiter/artist/blogger. I originally wanted to focus on writing and art as they are and always have been my passion and what lights me up. It’s a long story I shared in a blog post a while ago. But again my job is important and I feel blessed and honored.😊❤️

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  1. Excellent, Kate!
    I like to listen. I practice being better at it. I’ve always been full of questions…much to people’s chagrin at times 😀 …but I ask a lot of questions of people because I want to hear their answers, I want to learn more about them, I want to learn FROM them, I want them to know they, and their words, are important, ETC!
    👂 👂 👂 👂 I’m all ears! HA! 😉 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. As we navigate through life and have experiences, our translation is an ever changing feed. We must also try and keep up with our own understanding of what is around us, to not get too confused with what is only, in front of our, face.

    my comments lately are writing all in themselves .

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