We seem to grasp at quantity over quality
Always wanting more and better
it’s a crucial component of consumer society
Throw away phones, partners and relatives
if they don’t conform to our expectations
we toss them away and move on

What happened to honest communication,
negotiation and compromise, kindness and acceptance?
With media, advertising, sports and reports
feeding off our greed;
Pause and think about your sincere need?
Solid loyalty and all those qualities above

Are worth far more than thousands of followers!
Question your attitudes and find deep gratitude
only multi-nationals win whenever we bin
goods, people or our emotions
Healthier to seek out quality connections,
enduring goods and less possessions!

Beware the indoctrination of more, bigger or better
Self-care and personal growth come from within
by surrounding ourselves with sincere positives
Avoid entrapment, false promises and unrealistic expectations
Find your core values and strive for your dreams
but do all this realistically and within your own means.

Expectation + Word of the Day – 15.2.17