Okay so this is mother and baby who had a shaky start … it looked very much like a full-blown panic attack to me but seems it may have resulted from the round-up used.  Toxins will have ripple effects and farmers who use them should understand that …

Yes that’s my home in the background with the main stud Romeo just behind these two.

This one is Lucky, aptly named.  Tuppence is male and his offical name is Ben … I prefer my name!  And just twelve hours after Lucky was born a third bub arrived.  The little ones are like any children completely fascinated with each other and playing together like soul mates.

Sunday morning was a gang bang … they mated four couples who were procreating all at the same time.  Which explains why the bubs are born so closely.  There was one mating where Romeo featured about a month ago.  But interestingly I’ve seen several attempted matings where one party wasn’t interested so another was needed to satisfy.

this shot was taken about half an hour after birth

Want to profusely thank you all for patiently coping with my frequent reblogs of late.  Finding a local park for my tiny home is seemingly impossible, so desperate that today I did an interview with the local rag … wont be published for another week!  Talk about a slow process … sorry but this may not change until I settle and can concentrate on writing again!