Please share a brief history of your blogging career –

From what lead you to start?
Had the wish to blog for years and following the advice of my best friends tech genius kids I started on WP October 2015. It was one of two free sites they’d suggested, they later told me that it was the hardest one to use.

I usually have something to say, an opinion, but didn’t want to wear my friendships out. So thought blogging didn’t need a forest [for paper] and I like the idea that people can read or move on. There is no compulsion or expectation that followers must read every post … although many of mine are kind enough to do that! And I value them so much.

Has your motivation changed since starting?
Had initially wondered if I could make some money out of it but that’s not happened. When I finally saw all the ads WP was swamping my blog with I paid the minimum to have them taken off. Had very few search engines visit since so guessing that WP had been generating business to cash in on their ads.

What has the experience been like?
Absolutely love everything about it … sharing my thoughts and ideas, making some super diverse friendships, great discussions in the comments section and learn something new every day!

Have you learnt anything?
If I write from my heart people respond, it’s like they feel the sincerity … and others are up for a good discussion if approached politely!

Has your writing style changed?
For sure as I only really wrote poetry before … since starting I have regenerated my previous passion for photography and the digital world has made that more accessible and fun! Plus I’ve joined in the 99 word challenges over at Carrot Ranch and have made more friends there while flexing my writing skills.

Are you planning to write a novel or are you already published?
Now have a few poems published on Spillwords but no plan to write a novel or publish.  Have threatened a few people that I’d write my autobiography ….

What advice would you give to a new blogger?
Be sincere, if you follow your heart you will attract followers. Read and comment, that’s an invite to visit you and reciprocate the kindness.

Some of the highlights – such as the people you’ve metthings you’ve learnt …
Those that have known me for a while would have noticed that I love to reblog posts or links that I think my followers would appreciate. I also have a passion to encourage and support newer talented bloggers. So sadly I am not reading as many dear friends as I’d like in order to ration my time and encourage others. But they are never forgotten and are often interviewed on my Meet the Bloggers blog.

Spillwords has kindly published another poem
… I was asked to answer my own questions …