The Next Big Adventure

Had just settled into my favourite armchair with my pumpkin soup and toast in my PJs. Turned on a CSI when the doorbell rang.

What a nuisance! Who would call at this time of night? Not happy I put my supper tray down, can reheat the soup but I am not a fan of cold toast.

Before I get to the door a young girl stands just inside. I had watched her ‘melt’ through the door. Haven’t seen that before but she was a sweet young thing, a bit like Shirley Temple when she first started acting. Round cherub face, head of thick curly hair and a sweet smile. A bit startling but in no way threatening, this should prove interesting.

“Come on let’s go?” she demands.

“Go where? Where are you talking about?”

“Come on its time.”

“Please sit with me while I finish my supper and watch this show?”

‘Sorry but we have to go now”

“Go where?” 

“You know this is it. There is no negotiation, you’ve known for a while so you really should have been prepared”

“Known what? What are you on about?”

“The matter is not up for debate, you know what I mean.”

“I’ve absolutely no idea at all so please enlighten me?”

“Time has come for your next big adventure. This one is finished, over, completed, full stop. It’s time to move on.”

“You can’t mean that! I haven’t cleared out the shed or told the kids how much I love them. The boss expects me at work tomorrow so don’t be silly I can’t go anywhere just now. I’m not ready to go anywhere.”

“Well you should have thought of that before. Did you think you could live forever?”

“Not really but I should have time to finish things, please?”

“You’ve already had a warning but you chose to ignore it.”

“You mean that chest pain?” 

….”It’s not open for debate we are leaving now [poof].”

and a poem with a similar theme plus some more helpful clues!


  1. Ohhhh that chest pain…yes you are right there are/were warnings before the “one” hits you bigtime…which made me wonder did my dad (who died of cardiac arrest) have the same warning/s as well? Did he just take it for granted?…

    And oh i’d like to add i love at how you finally (!!!) change the persona of “death”….that young Shirley Temple looking kind of girl is really adorable and its easier to let her come in rather than what we used to know as the “old hooded black man”…

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    • Sadly Mich some people are not so aware of their health/body or reactions … maybe he didn’t have a warning, no one will ever know.

      lol most people who have had a near death experience know it’s nothing scary, so had to lighten the personification 🙂

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  2. I love how you characterize death as the next adventure. It puts a positive spin on an event that most of us dread. But maybe we dread it because we aren’t ready? So if we prepare like we would for vacation, would that make it more of an adventure to look forward to?

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  3. OH! This brought tears! What a heartfelt, memorable story of warning and encouragement! So well written, Kate!
    Yes, we must say the things we need to say and do the things we need to do…TODAY. As we don’t know if we will be on to that next big adventure tomorrow.

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  4. Namaste Calm Kate 🙂

    ‘The next big adventure’ – what a marvellous thought that is 🙂 ‘Tis as if life has no beginning or end: our bodies may tire and cease to be but Spirit is eternal.

    The idea of Death manifesting as a spectral Shirley Temple intrigued me. I’d go willingly if she promised not to sing 🙂

    Did you manage to sneak the toast passed her before everything went ‘poof’?

    I have an arrangement with my mother that when she leaves this mortal coil she’ll find a way to leave written messages for me. It may sound a little creepy, but she promised to let me know what lay beyond the beyond.

    Thank you for making Death more palatable. Have an enjoyable weekend. Take care of one and all 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


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      • Namaste Calm Kate 🙂

        Yes, I’ve also heard this to be the case: I’ve interest in reading about ‘near death experiences’. I get the broader notion that it is as much about ones personal disposition and willingness to surrender to death as it is the manner of our death, the suddenness of it, and ones state of mind, which impresses upon the brain an image of what is ‘seen’. It is a fascinating subject area to explore. ‘Tis why I have this arrangement with my mother. I should add she is as intrigued to know as I am and just as keen to flex the membrane between this world and next sufficiently to share her discovery with me 🙂

        I would dearly like to be led away to the beyond by a Snow Leopard – to have them as my guardian through transition and onwards into the next life. She, like Shirley in your post, already has a name: Snow Melt – an entity already known to me 🙂

        Live in Love, Go in Peace. Namaste 🙂


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        • then if you strongly wish and believe it then Snow Melt will be there to guide you … it happens if you die easily but I have no idea if it’s the same process with a sudden death … if your Mum is able to leave you a sign she will be the first ever …. so many have planned and hoped 🙂

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