The Greatest Asset in the World

Peace and harmony come from us!
Anger and arguments not worth the fuss;
Enemies and wars are societies cuss;
Awareness of mind and emotions is a real plus!

For genuine ‘unity’ we need to build trust
Sincere heart to heart connection a must
Value of humanity and diversity are vital and just!

Neglect of such values brings mental unrest,
unhappiness, discouragement and depression.
Friendship and kindness settle such rust
Being open and straightforward a real must

As they are keys for rich deep sincerity,
With ourselves as well as others.
Taming our mind makes us more kind,
Gives courage and confidence you’ll find.

Does life rotate around money and wealth?
Beware as they are only for our benefit, our health
Not to use others or to enslave yourself!
Daily desires know no end

As greed, anger, desire or distrust only send
Our peace of mind into a distorted bend,
Make humbleness and few needs your trend!
Satisfaction and contentment can mend.

As sincerity grows inside
Distrust and pettiness subside.
Worthy values and kindness can’t hide.
Contentment makes us grin wide!

ccc 12.1.07

Discovery Challenge:  The Greatest _______ in the World


  1. It is unfortunate that some do not trust another’s sincerity. Or is that confused with honesty? One I suppose also needs to think before they speak. There was a song I knew once that basically was a prayer relating that we have two ears (and two eyes) and only one mouth. So we need to look twice as hard before we open our mouths. And in this computer age one needs to think long before hitting that ‘send’ button for emails and comments.

    I guess that is one reason I like snail mail. You do have some time to think before you post your letter. And there isn’t a chance of your words becoming the next u-tube sensation.

    I was listening to a program where a woman was basically bashed for her behavior, which she admitted at the time was bad. But years later there are still people who remember the video and won’t give her the time of day. Won’t account for growth and maturity. Once on the net… nothing goes away. I read somewhere that even when you delete something – if one searches long and hard enough they can find it.

    Here’s hoping that we all can work together in a calm and serine way to make our world better. (sorry for rambling…)

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    • you’ve made very valid points Jules and I often worry about young ones not fully understanding that potential employers will check their FB and other social media before employment … it has huge and lasting impact and they need to think deeply about that before they post!

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