We all share photos of how we unwind
but real relaxation comes from our own mind,
check and see what you find?

Breathe deep, relax and be real kind!

A Lizard in the Garden

Farmers Market

Love to relax, ‘veg out’ we call it, at the markets whether its Channon Markets, NSW or any local Farmer’s market for fresh produce!

Another healthy relax is ‘spirituality’ whether it be the sun worship like this lazy lizard,
God, Allah, Buddha … or just genuine kind inclusivity for all, it’s our call!

WPC:  Relax –  7.12.2016


  1. At a course yesterday the person giving the course had everyone sit in a grounded position (fofboc – feet on floor, body on chair, arms uncrossed etc), breathe for a moment, think of a place like, breathe. For under a minute. It was really cool to feel the entire energy of the room shift.

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  2. Beautiful pics. This is in Oz Land? Always wanted to visit. Relaxation? Ha! Too busy working. Taking care of the people who depend on me. Paying our astronomically high health insurance. My mind would melt down if it had a chance to relax. Although I did have a chance to see the ballet today – the dance of the Nutcracker. Wonderful! Love the Tchaikovsky which I’ve always played on the piano – I have little chance to play now. Wonderful ballet at the big city opera house. A nice break.

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