Publishing and Photography

Sorry I keep meaning to post these links for those who might be interested. This one about first published novels is fascinating reading … some readily put something together and another guy had been writing for years before he finally got one published. But they’ve all won awards of some kind which is most impressive for a first publication. Giving hope to all those budding novelists out there!

The second is intriguing as this photographer has gone from all the big brand name cameras and swags of lens to just using his IPhone but he also gives clues for android users. He claims that he can get better photos easier to edit with the apps on his phone … click on for more information.


    • no he’s vanished, abandoned me!
      … that Mum, the one who was straining, gave birth about an hour and a half ago. Both mother and bub are having difficulties breathing … wonder if they have picked up owners anxiety … is that possible?

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