Original Australians – foto fun

kookaburras - 1

Mr and Mrs Kookaburra


The Oldest Living Culture in the World … said to be more than 65,000 years
they have survived ice age and climate changes before …

digby moran - 1

Digby Moran, an Elder who learnt to paint late in life
he frequently exhibits in Europe and gave a very inspirational talk at a recent event
his work is amazing, look it up

read another post about a very wise poet Elder – Uncle Herb


        • I was actually thinking of trying to sell some… Maybe for charity (our library displays art for sale that benefits them) ? though I plan on gifting some copies to family.

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            • There are sites I saw in Europe, probably similar in the states and elsewhere that you probably pay a fee for that will put your photo on pretty much anything (mug, pillow, poster, even just a photo in a frame) – and when something does sell I would guess you get a percentage. But I really don’t know too much about it. Kind of like ESTY… but I did look into that site and I wasn’t impressed with the legal language. But then that was years ago. Perhaps printing up some works and putting them in frames in local eateries – some places do that. Maybe for more than just family 😉 But again I’m not sure of the business knowledge one would have to have or the taxes that would have to be paid.

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              • I guess it just depends on what arrangements you can make with the folks you know – as in displaying works and if any % goes to the eatery for the space. I’ve seen in tourist towns local artists have their names and the price of the painting or other craft/photo on the painting. Good luck!

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