My HP Moment

Late yesterday afternoon I was held captive in my tiny home by this rather cute and curious green tree snake for four hours. Now for all you less knowledgeable, like myself, they are quite harmless and only attack if you try to pick them up – no intention of even trying.

It is about 1.4 meters long with a scaly green body and bright yellow under his head. His most remarkable feature by far is this huge eye that just hypnotised me.

He may have been trying to get in my door for sometime but I’d been absorbed on my computer until a phone call distracted me. Poor lady had rang up to talk about her problem and here I was going “oooh there is a snake at my door”.

Not only was he at my door but his was repeatedly trying to find a way in. Firstly by pushing against my fly [now snake] screen. Then by slithering up said screen and then all around my doorframe as he was most determined to gain entry.

Fortunately he couldn’t but then to his joy he found an ideal tree snake playground right there. The grate on my lower step, allowing me to scrap my shoes off before entering was ideal to slither in and out of. The stand beside my stairs, containing shoes but mainly for resting groceries on while I open my door gave an added feature to slither about on.

When the chooks or the currawongs came near he’d quickly hide beneath the stairs only to return and stare me down. Nearly 8pm and it’s now getting cooler and darker but he’s still there eyeballing me. I should add that my photos are not well-focused coz when we had eye contact he remained completely still. Needless to say he had to suffer a lot of my prayers … but as soon as I pointed my camera he would sway making it difficult to focus. His speed of movement gave me no doubt that he could out run me, or is that outslide me …

Thank heavens Mr G could inform me that my life was not in imminent danger. He may have curtailed my usual dusk meander around the fields, but that did mean less tics to evict. Am so glad the kookaburras haven’t spotted him as snake is their favourite treat!

No sign of him this morning but haven’t ventured out to give the chooks my scraps as early as usual. Have a very strong suspicion that he slept right below me last night and hasn’t wandered back to his natural habitat yet. Am fully aware that the bucket of fresh water I leave out for chooks and alpacas may have attracted him but do wonder why he was so keen to check out my home.

Damned nosey tourists, there is no privacy around here! Oops he may have been telling me I was invading his home … And did I mention it was during this that my internet provided decided to cut me off … not the first time they’ve ‘taken’ data to force me to recharge earlier! So lots of obstacles …


  1. I must say that I would rather a green tree snake than the baby brown that turned up in my neighbour’s garden shed! This year brown snakes are being found in increasing numbers throughout the suburbs of Adelaide. Not a comfortable thought 😦

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  2. What a beautiful snake. Did I just say that? I probably wouldn’t have thought so if it was a-knockin’ at my door and keeping me trapped inside. Just as well it is a harmless one. There are a few that aren’t and, as I’m not very knowledgeable about snakes, I probably wouldn’t trust any.

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    • lol takes you to enjoy that one Brian … what do you know about Ulmarra? My search for a tiny park is getting so desperate I’m about to do an interview with the Advocate ….


  3. Wowza! Well, he looks and sounds so curious and friendly! I’m s-s-s-serious! He does! HA! Well, maybe Mr. Viper came to vipe your windows?!?! HA! 😛 I bet his fav subject in school was HISStory! 😉

    UGHS on the internet problems. 😦

    HUGS for the UGHS! And snake care…er…I meant TAKE care! 😀

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  4. As a rule, I’m not too afraid of snakes, but I admit that I would be a bit unnerved by one trying so very hard to enter my home. It would make me wonder just what he had in mind! I hope that the two of you figure out a way to coexist soon….perhaps you could build him a little, snake-sized abode? LOL!

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  5. Growing up we had a pet boa… small enough to go through my belt loops at first, but with my father’s care got big enough to finally warrant a new home (hopefully got proper care).

    I just have garden /garter snakes here. I once had a ‘mommy’ lay eggs by my dryer vent.
    I didn’t see the hatching. When I do see them I tell them they can stay as long as they earn their keep 🙂

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  6. Ohh my Kate…if tha green tree snake was in my doodstep i honestly would have fainted ….i really have a love and hate relationship with anything that is slimy and crawls..i love them because looking at them (photos and TV) gives me chills…they are so lovely to.look at…but i kinda hate them once the thought of them crawling up unto me…ohhhhh i couldn’t stand even the thought of it..

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