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4 thoughts on “Super Bugs

  1. Staph infections can be dangerous and even life threatening, but we must not over respond in fear of this staphylococcus bacteria. The object is NOT TO KILL THIS BACTERIA (under normal conditions) because it is BENEFICIAL and necessary for GOOD HEALTH!
    It is part of the normal human microflora and is found on the skin, ocular conjunctiva (clear membrane covering the outer surface of the eye,) mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, the lower gastrointestinal tract and the urogenital tract. Staph. aureus and Staph.epidermidis flourishes on the uppermost layers of the epidermis (skin) and the associated hair follicles as well as the nasal membranes.
    Under normal conditions this bacteria PROTECTS US from other microbes and pathogens that could damage our health.
    Our focus on lifestyle choices promoting healthy living will result in better outcomes than fearing bacteria. There are situations where this symbiotic relationship becomes unbalanced creating opportunistic and potentially dangerous outcomes, but if we focus on strengthening our immune systems these cases will be fewer and far between.
    Hope this provides a good perspective on this topic.

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