Life’s Game

Life is like a Sudoku puzzle

when we align one to nine

we feel balanced whole and complete

horizontal, vertical and diagonally neat


But when we distort ourselves

to please or impress others

society, partner or our gang

by dressing this way or saying that


Long or short hair, kids or DINK

that alignment gets out of sink

be wary for it happens in a blink

then life and health begin to stink


If behaving according to core values

our numbers will align just fine

life and health will flow, it is a sign

be sincere and true then all will align


now you know my interest ….


  1. Life is like puzzles, which consist of individual elements and should be properly combined with each other. Accurate observation

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  2. I agree with this. I’m sure we all learned this growing up as well. I’m trying to show my kids it’s best to do the right thing and act a way that makes them feel happy instead of trying to copy others. Such great wisdom here.

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  3. Sudoku – that’s a great analogy about balance and alignment. I wouldn’t have thought of it. I likened life to a game of snakes and ladders in a post a few years ago. 🙂

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  4. My daughters used to join Sudoko challenge..there were times when they won..some time they don’t but one thing i noticed though is that it is a game of not only mind but of life; my girls are very critical about decision making even as when they were younger….i never get to learn it..i was busy watching over and cheering for them..and now that you mentioned it maybe its time.i should learn…i love scrabble though..i play it with my dad…i never win…lol

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      • I remember one afternoon my mom and dad and i were playing scrabble under a tree (we were on a camping sort of trip)…my parents were in their usual intellectual discourse over whether the word is acceptable or not…and suddenly boom…a snake fell from the tree….and there begun my “love -hate “relationship with everything that’s slimy and crawls..

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