Others are many more than me
I am only one, you see!
Yet I constantly just think of ‘me’,
heedless of others needs.

Such a selfish attitude can only cause trouble.
With others I should be kinder, more humble.
Focus on self is the cause of all dis ease!
Care and kindness for others puts us at ease.

Doing a good deed gives a warm glow,
self-concern only brings woe!
Let all insecurities and hassles go,
benefit others and loving kindness will flow!

Notice how when we help another
our ills and worries are forgotten
But if dwelt upon
they consume all?

How long since you really thought of others?
Too busy with self only brings bothers.
What could you do to show others you care?
Do a random act of kindness, if you dare?

Mothers are our prime example,
as loving care for their child is ample.
Try to treat others as your only child
or closest dear friend.

Take a moment to think of those worse off,
always be grateful for what you have got!
We have a choice to worry and wallow
or help another and satisfaction will follow!

ccc 27.9.06

Pelican awaiting the Fisherman’s Kindness