Time and Cause of Death are UNcertain!
Are You Prepared for Your Final Curtain?

End of life and death issues are important so lets’ start the discussion. Best to confront the unknown, our fear or denial, of death as this enables us to enjoy life more fully!

Many fear leaving the known – family/friends, work, home and belongings – but these things can’t journey with us. Next is the fear that our pain may not be controlled – well relax if reported correctly all physical pain can be controlled. But medications cannot touch our emotional or spiritual pain, best to deal with those now or talk them through with a confidant – friend, professional or chaplain. Thirdly people fear they may struggle for breath near the end but medication does keeps the body relaxed.

Palliative Care teams will ensure that you can die comfortably at home or in care with you and your loved ones fully supported. These teams address all issues arising  with trained volunteers and professionals who specialise in pain management .

Preparing your Will, completing Advanced Health Directives and Power Of Attorney forms relevant to your location ensures that your wishes are known and abided by. Discussing issues such as cremation or burial, funeral service and organ donation also takes pressure off loved ones making decisions without knowing your wishes.

What comes after death … we can only speculate!

Here is an excellent brief article that says it all well!