How can we enjoy life more?
Do you always see a flaw?
Compulsively shop at any store?
Or yawn widely finding it a bore?

Appreciate every tiny thing!
For smiles of contentment it can bring.

Makes our heart truly sing
gives dark clouds of depression the fling!

 Always look for the good,
see the humour is you would
make your motto “appreciation of all”
whatever happens make it a ball!

Why wallow and wait
get involved, be passionate!
This life is too brief
resolve now to turn over a new leaf

Finally walk that mile,
Share a warm smile,
Give a kind word,
Let others know they are heard.

 Spring clean your cupboards
and imagine it’s your mind
blow those cobwebs away and see what you find?
Think of random ways to be kind

This has a ripple effect on all around
as we open to appreciation
others get drawn in, in fascination.
Our moods will lift and life will lighten!

ccc 11.5.06