There is a local squad
That train most afternoons
Executing swift, sharp manoeuvres,
precision flying at its best.

Under my patio these swallows  nest.
Anything moving seems their main target
Creating untold fun as they swoop,
Curve, dive and somersault about.

They perch on the fence top wire
Calculating daring feats to inspire
Each other to new tricks, fast as fire!
Feel they track my speed and path

To gauge close body passes by me
As I walk they dive bomb close to see
How late before they pull out to fly free.
Breeze from their wings fan me!

They are cheeky but quiet
So focused on flight
Seem concentrated on being the best
Watch each other’s acrobatics to test

Who will be top-fun in their flight school
No need to conform to any rule
For they have no commander, flight towers or fuel,
Total control over body and mind

Great meditators they would make
Concentration, focus, precision and calm
Qualities to which I aspire
These little birds did naturally acquire!

ccc 10.5.06 – wow, wrote this a decade ago! photo courtesy of google images

DP: Swallow


  1. Nice to see you keep your work around for a decade. I can see why, it was fun and produced amusing imagery. I have been dive bombed walking Tucker when I accidentally came too close to a tree with nesting birds. I got the message quickly, although I never felt the bird as aggressive. Much more a warning to let me know to avoid the “young family.”

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