This is truely profound …
about forgiving ourselves and ideal for the start of a new year!
The last few lines pack a punch so be sure to visit her blog to get it all

It is that time of the year again,

When one moves ahead and lets bygones be

Forgives and forgets to make a fresh start

Filled with gratitude, hospitality and bonhomie.

But before I seek forgiveness from all,

And grandiosely plan to forgive others I have to learn to forgive myself

So embarking on self-discovery is necessary,

Before I point fingers at others

I forgive myself for being an ignoramus

But pretending otherwise

And for tilting at imaginary windmills,

When I should have been wise

I forgive myself for judging everyone,

For jumping to quick conclusions,

For at times playing the blame game,

And meaningless discussions

I forgive myself for thinking I am always right,

As well as for trying to make others accept my point of view

I also seek forgiveness for judging self too harshly

And for often biting more than I can chew

I forgive myself for being stingy with compliments,

And for trespasses committed unknowingly,


via Forgiving (revisited) — paeansunpluggedblog