Friday Foto Fun – Minorities

Minority groups abound in our society,
share which ones have captured your lens, your passion.

Post a photo or get creative about the minority groups you are involved with … l

Come on the more the merrier, please share and read each others photo posts!

Please complete before next Friday using a pingback to link your post.
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  1. We all have come from somewhere else. All of us are minorities.
    Our children have the blood of several countries as well as religious backgrounds.
    Add ‘woman’ to all the females as a minority too 😉
    Perhaps all men should be a minority since there are more women? 😀

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  2. Beautiful artwork! Love that expression! Street art, murals, etc., add such richness of culture to a city!
    My side of the family includes several different groups…we are Caucasian (Dutch, German, English, etc), African American, Mexican, African, Korean, and Chinese so far! Some of these were adopted into the family (For example one of my brothers and his wife adopted 2 biracial babies and a Korean baby) or married into the family. It is wonderful!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • I would be more surprised if you didn’t have a cosmopolitan family … one neighbour had to fly a UN flag when his five sons married women from other countries with ready-made grandkids from other cultures 🙂

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      • That is VERY cool! 🙂
        I should blog about this sometime…but I’ve
        found it quite interesting when someone tells a racist joke in my presence and I go up to them and say, “Did you know my nephew is Chinese?” or “Did you know one of my BIL’s is Mexican?” or “Did you know one of my nieces is African American?” ETC.

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