This is another post I am just putting out there coz the idea is new to me … not advocating it at any level, just passing it on purely for your information.

It seems that some recovering addicts are not happy with the 12-step program and the cost of rehab clinics. So they are setting up digital start-ups for those wanting to change their habits. They own that they can’t help with detox but do add another dimension to the process.

There are three main ones with one particularly aimed at mothers who often can’t attend daily AA or NA meetings due to child care issues. And also for the majority who cannot afford the rehab clinics … we have some government funded ones here but the wait list is huge and they don’t cater for children.

They want their programs accessed at a reasonable cost and seem to cater for a very broad range of people/problems. So please click here to read more or pass it onto those who might benefit from it?