Bird song fills the air
as they whistle and chirp without any care
yet if I go outside and dare
to look for them there

They vanish in the leaves
or fly away on the breeze.
Their song fills my heart with joy
as with various notes and trills they toy.

What do they say
as they brighten my day?
Are they having a chat
or gossip about my strange hat?

Know they sing from the heart
and it makes a fine start
to fill the air with such sound.
How could one ever feel down?

Wonderful creatures that fly in the wind.
Their wings they do spread
fine feathers they may shed
as they and their song soar to freedom!

How could we cage them,
or not try to feed ’em?
So please stop and listen
to see if you can glisten

What their sheer joy is about.
As their tunes are all different
feel them lighten your life.
Without them we’d be in strife!

ccc 28.7.05