Satisfied? #awareness

Ever wonder why we are so dissatisfied?
Unhappy with our lot?
Closely watch what others have got?
Our relationships lacking somewhat?

Not quite sure if we are successful?
Mind and body not so zestful?
The only offender is our own deluded mind!
Restless, wanting – check and see what you find?

We invent our own unrealistic fantasies,
Obsessed with self-concern.
Seldom do we stop, look and learn.
Our habit is to project what our delusions expect.

I should look-like, be-like; have this or that.
“Why does she wear that hat?”
“He shouldn’t speak that way.”
Why does contentment stray?

Our own fictitious fables we want to see.
Never pausing to let things just be …
Have you ever tried to go with the flow?
Stop trying to direct your own show!

Everything becomes our own melodrama
And we are centre stage unaware of karma.
Self-grasping the only cause.
Let go and try to pause.

Accept your lot
Be glad of what you have got!
Calm and peace we can find
to others we become more kind.

ccc 24.4.2006


  1. Reblogged this on Blog of Hammad Rais and commented:
    We eat until we aren’t hungry any more. Similarly, we drink until we are not thirsty any more.

    But sadly, many among us don’t follow this same rule when it comes to desiring about worldly materialism. As per the current rule of: the more I get under my belt, the more pumped up I should be to get the remain ones in my hands, which is something truly absurd.

    Satisfying inner desires is good but at the sake of ruining personal sanity. I really hate such individuals for whom every new shiny gadget of technological wonderment is a must or who just get their hands full of what they already got.

    On this very first day of 2019, I read a nice set of thoughts about satisfaction by Kate.

    Read it out below:

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  2. Love this, Kate! So true! Excellent words of advice and to live life by!
    I always feel so content and so grateful! I am a very satisfied person! And will continue this outlook in this new year! So thankful to be able to welcome 2019 in! 🙂
    Thank you for all of your words of love, wisdom, encouragement, ponderings, fun, ETC, from 2018!!!
    I appreciate YOU! 🙂
    2019 HUGS!!! Happy New Year, too!!! 🙂

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