Been overseas four months leading meditations and giving public talks to 30-160 international seekers, most in their 30-40’s … meditating has been a way of life for me for decades. IMHO too few people actually slow down to sit with the turmoil within, allow it to settle and then experience the powerful healing of true silence within.

We keep super busy and desperately seek distraction mainly on our devices even when we know we have a life to live. People seem entranced and almost zombie-like serving their devices, needing to respond to messages or calls instantaneously.

Sure I have devices too but I ‘use’ them, not ‘serve’ them … one very handsome Latino film producer suggested to his group that they only turn their devices on three hours, yes 3, a day to respond and leave plenty of space to foster their own life and creativity.

Could you do this?

Daily Prompt: Silent – 23.12.17