I know a secret garden sheltered by a warm stonewall
birds brightly chirping, you can hear their call.
Adorned with colourful flowers, a duck pond
a few old trees and many a fern frond

It’s busy with bees and butterflies in the day
but we all know that when the big people go
dainty ethereal fairies come out to play
their skirts and wings shimmer and flow!

They bring children such joy
as they laugh, sing and fly
far more interactive than any toy
prancing, dancing and flying high!

They sprinkle glitter, laughter and a glow
giving the kids a really great show!
Big people have no idea
these fairies dispel all fear.

No need for rules,
IPhones or tools
Magic and delight pleases us all
encircled by this warm stonewall!

Inspired by Emma’s exquisite fairy drawings! 16.8.16

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and as you head out to celebrate
please remember to be safe so that you can enjoy the rest of the year …
may all your worthy wishes be fulfilled!