A Generosity Story!

This wonderful social worker who had previously had a lucrative banking career has left $11 million to children’s charities. Some was family inheritance but also Alan worked very hard, lived frugally and invested his savings wisely as he wanted to leave less fortunate children a decent legacy!

And the very best part was that he didn’t blow his own trumpet! None of this became public until after his death … so he wasn’t seeking fame and glory with his generous intention. It was freely given from his heart to those in need … oh that we could all benefit others in a meaningful way without trying to buy kudos …


another equally interesting story to follow about FIRE …



  1. Two thumbs up for people who work hard to make a difference, without seeking the least bit of attention. The sign of a truly giving heart! Thanks for sharing, Kate 🙂 xx

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  2. A fabulous story Kate, so much money being put to a worthy cause……. I wonder and ponder about the cost a wall between America and Mexico !!! ………………………………..

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  3. How wonderful! We need more people like this in the world! I know A LOT of good came from his giving-heart and generosity! 🙂
    We don’t have to be rich to follow his example. We can all give!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. Oh, – thank you for sharing that story. I always try to make my own donations anonymous. Large or small. While some funds need to be reserved for retirement, health and helping family in need – like those on fixed incomes… or supplementing college education for our grands (saving for that is always the correct time).

    Sometimes even sending a card to an aging WWII vet who turned 96 last year – it is those simple things that help harmony exist. I also read a headline where… newlyweds Adam Claude and Chara Juneau with rice after their New Year’s Eve nuptials, the guests put on plastic hair nets and packed it in meals that will feed dozens of starving children in Sierra Leone for a year. The Twin Cities couple decided to hold their wedding at the Feed My Starving Children headquarters in Coon Rapids, where they met in 2017 while packing meals for the international Christian charity.

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    • oh what a lovely story … in India the whole village is fed, it’s a very quick but delicious meal of rice and dhal for everyone … sure wedding feeds keep some alive 🙂

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