As I was fishing the old man river
line drifting gently I felt a strong shiver
then up jumped a bream strumming his guitar
while the shrimp cycled fast along that old sand bar

No grog today so what could I say
Then the cod started beating his drums
while the goanna did backstroke downstream
and my heart really sank for no iPhone I had to record all this

Who would ever believe that I wasn’t pissed?
The dingo don’t bark but he sure could sing
and the yabbis blinded me with their bright blue bling!
The river was hoppin and boppin along

Who’d have thought critters could raise such a song?
This was a story I’d eat out on for life
as we all sung the catchy chorus
all we need now is a brontosaurus

When fishing alone you will see some strange sights
set to ignite disbelief and delight
Now who would believe we could have such good fun
down by the river in that late afternoon sun

 Did this make you smile?