Here are the few Christmas cracker jokes I remember … 

What do you get if you cross a fish with two elephants?

swimming trunks

What starts with P, ends in E and has a thousand letters?

Post Office

Why aren’t ghosts good liars?

Coz you can see right through them!

What’s a pilots favourite chips?

plain chips …

and two special Kitty Flanagan jokes …

Why don’t they serve fairy bread at kids parties anymore?

Because the celiacs can’t eat the bread and the vegans can’t eat the fairies 🙂

Too many young people are dying taking dangerous selfies and uTube, should we start a campaign to save them?

No, their idiots … it’s natural selection!

KItty’s comedy is available on ABC Iview under comedy … she is a riot!
I’d highly recommend her explanations on Fortnight; podcasts, internet challenges