Funny Jokes

Here are the few Christmas cracker jokes I remember …ย 

What do you get if you cross a fish with two elephants?

swimming trunks

What starts with P, ends in E and has a thousand letters?

Post Office

Why aren’t ghosts good liars?

Coz you can see right through them!

What’s a pilots favourite chips?

plain chips …

and two special Kitty Flanagan jokes …

Why don’t they serve fairy bread at kids parties anymore?

Because the celiacs can’t eat the bread and the vegans can’t eat the fairies ๐Ÿ™‚

Too many young people are dying taking dangerous selfies and uTube, should we start a campaign to save them?

No, their idiots … it’s natural selection!

KItty’s comedy is available on ABC Iview under comedy … she is a riot!
I’d highly recommend her explanations on Fortnight; podcasts, internet challenges


    • Is it wrong to say I especially liked the last one? I was at Christmas Eve service recently, and both of the young women in front of me took selfies of themselves before it started! Why do people feel the need to photograph themselves and broadcast it to the world every single place they go?

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