Serenity – foto fun

Serenity arises in such simple ways

but meditation is my main source

then the spacious sublime spectacular sky

or mooch around any water … beach, lake or river!


Time alone is essential to nourish reflect and recharge

having the camera ready to capture natures

ever changing parade, creatures great and small,

sunsets vibrant array …calms my mind in every way!


Listening to my inner voice allows me wiser choice.

Sincere serenity lies deep within and we already tap

that source … what’s your preferred method?

Gardening, cooking, music, dancing, craft or blogging …


Space from busyness, devices and consumerism

allows serenity to stablise and permeate our being

suffusing us with ancient ambiance as we glow within

tranquil peace abounds calming those around!

Friday Foto Fun – Serenity


  1. Meditation, visualization connecting to our intuition are all paths to healing.
    Creating and reading are some of my go to relaxation and de-stressing techniques 🙂

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