Dealing with Our Trash

Just talking with a blogger friend … and we were saying how the garbage needs to arise before we can grow spiritually.

The mundane fact is that we do everything possible to avoid/deny things such as daily chores, pain, confrontation, jealousy, anger, death. We make NY resolutions that barely last 24 hours coz these ugly emotions are deeply embedded by habit.

We need to accept them, name them, look at them, give them colour, shape and size then once we have examined them more closely we will grow from embracing them. Go into the pain, see what caused it, why it arises so frequently … everything that returns is the next lesson to be learnt!

Tale Weaver – #168


    • you are so right we can become overwhelmed and get bogged in it, best to reflect back later on to see where it came from and how we could have done it better … if we don’t learn from each incident we wont grow!

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  1. Yes, we must! It’s a life-long process. Not a one time shot that covers it all. But, it’s well worth the pain and work. 🙂

    Maybe every trash-trash day we should symbolically throw our fears, bad memories, pain, hurts, anger, etc., into the big trash can, along with our trash-trash and let the garbage-dude have it all! 🙂 Ha, or maybe if we threw our negatives in the recycle can/bin they could be symbolically recycled into love, forgiveness, joy, mercy, etc! 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Nice thoughts, dear Kate.
    New year resolutions… I don’t really know what to say about them, because I haven’t made any in past years. I just lived the things.
    Happy holidays! ❤ ❥

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  3. Pain is subconscious especially if associated with trauma. Many are living in a cloud or rather layers of pain. It will take a true understanding of self, pain, and how the mind works for many to shovel through the layers. For some it is simple…just dump it but for many unfortunately it takes a process.

    My case in point with hoarders. That’s pain. So many keep their pain as possessions and the pain is visible to temind themselves and others of their pain. Try taking away their possessions or hoard and see what happens? Oftentimes they fall apart. So what’s the answer? Try a gradual approach with real heart to heart so each comes to term with what the stuff means and what it will mean if they removed the stuff and clear the literal space is akin to clearing their mental space as well.

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  4. This is so true! Part of having schizophrenia is the feed that arises and rivals the ego. I’ve dug out so much nasty stuff in my head. Everyone has a feed. We must learn to deal with our awkward to bad thoughts.

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  5. Wasn’t it Getta Garbo who famously said, “I want to be alone” — and yet people keep ‘dumping’ on (or IN)her! I’d want to be left alone too, if people kept dumping garbage in me! 😦

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  6. So much truth in this post! Once the trash is out of our house it goes….where? Most people don’t know or don’t care – out of sight out of mind. Unfortunately our problems don’t work the same way…..

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  7. We dispose of trash mindlessly and hold on to our pain, fear, problems and the like for getting rid of these is not easy. Sometimes it requires introspection at others intervention! As always you made me think, Kate. 🙂

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