Mystery II

Due to popular demand here is the second episode of the mystery script I discovered!
The first episode is found here …

Now this great philosophical master explained in so many ways that we all need to be helpful and kind to each other. That any harm done returns to us ten fold increased, that any hardship or misery we experience is the cause of our own previous actions. She claims it’s advisable to tame our mind and discipline our emotions to live ethical lives which pleases others and brings many benefits.

She claimed that this knowledge and kindness is true wealth. That material greed and endless desires will only result in trouble. That those who understood this would be truly successful as they saw through the destructive distractions of worldly ways.

Oh yes I was sincerely astounded when I realised that although her name sounded masculine she was indeed a young wise woman highly regarded in her village. Because at the very end she gave thanks and praise to all who fed and sheltered her thus enabling her to teach and write these profound truths. So many before her had pondered on such issues but rarely had her profound insight and clarity of expression to share this with those willing to listen.

And as I read on it was like she was laying the foundation of our various world religions yet we each adopted a slightly different version but in essence all religions convey this message. That those who commit violence and crime are very confused fanatics who misunderstand.  They are lost souls who merely use religion as false façade to exploit others.

That any who genuinely accept those of various beliefs and races are the true kings and leaders of our lands because they completely understand that we are all the same in wanting health and happiness. Nobody wants misery and pain!

And so she goes on in great detail describing these any many more profound philosophical points that I can read but struggle to sincerely grasp the real meaning of. This is just a brief summary of her profound wisdom. I have no doubt as I continue to read that she was an extremely exceptional person who seemed to understand and unconditionally accept everyone. How extraordinary it would have been to meet such a person and talk with her to listen and learn!


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