Splashing About

Yeh a day off school
and all day to fool
race down to the pool
rock splashing real cool!

Time out with the mates
not thinking of girls or dates
never contemplating our fates
family, mortgage or bank rates

Just sheer fun with no aggravations
oblivious to future obligations
unaware of life’s consternations
indulging without abstentions

As we age commitments grow
study work bring in the dough
sport and kids always on the go
We become exactly what we sow

Written for: https://scvincent.com/2018/04/26/thursday-photo-prompt-splash-writephoto/


  1. You have weaved so many emotions in one single poem,Kate.Our nostalgia to school off days and small pleasures which slowly we give away while getting lost in the grind of this life.

    This is one of my favorites form yours.

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  2. Love this one, Kate! It’s filled with vivid scenes and great emotions and brings back memories!
    I was thinking recently about courtrooms and how they have periods of time that they “recess”. I got to giggling thinking about how all of the adults in the courtroom should go to a park and run barefoot in the grass, swing on the swings, play Tag, etc.! Adults might have better days if they recessed like kids recess! 😉 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. Reading this poem has kickstarted my day. I am on the train to work and smiling ear to ear 😁. Beauty of childhood and being care free personified. Love the picture too, every word resonating with the spirit. Have a smiling and crazy day 😂🤸‍♂️.

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