Living the Good Life?

  1. Wake up joyfully and set my motivation for the day … mentally outline today’s tasks and my reason or wish for doing them during my morning meditation
  2. Enjoy a calm breakfast, leisurely if time allows, but a relaxed and wholesome start to the day – my favourite cuppa, cereal, toast and fruit – no devices just chill …

  3. Diverse friends – from the four-legged fur type to the native critters who visit my yard; favourite bloggers/authors to trawl through their pages; mentors and muses; and those to meet for lunch and chat with!
    A broad range of ages and relationships who both support and challenge

  4. A life I have decided to live – an intentional life that I purposefully chose. From location, lifestyle and priorities to how I spend my evenings within reason of  budget and commitments

  5. A daily mooch – that meander with no real aim, just soaking up the moment as it unfolds

  6. Sweet dreams, ones that inspire or cheer me up, that leave me smiling or ignite my creativity!

  7. Knowing my purpose or meaning in life which strengthens as I explore my passions that align with my values and community.


Adapted from Jackie French in Earth Garden


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