1. The more high-tech life becomes the more we need nature – it’s our basic human right to connect with nature and that also brings responsibilities … if we have a right to net access then surely there is a right to access nature in the raw eg not just on the screen!
  2. We need exposure to the natural world, we gravitate to it which also explains why we prefer certain locations and particular views from our home
  3. We suffer withdrawal when we don’t have a regular top up and feel pained if our environment is threatened.
  4. It stimulates our senses, we become more conscious of our surroundings while artificial ones stifle – hear the birds, watch the clouds and water ….
  5. More time outdoors nurtures our creativity, we become more productive and healthier!
  6. Nature heals – medical research found that patients with a good view needed less meds, shorter stays and made less complaints
  7. It reduces depression and improves our psychological wellbeing.  Research shows jogging in a green setting has far more benefits than in an urban area.
  8. Nature builds community bonds, research proves that we nurture closer relationships, value community and become more generous
  9. It bonds families and friends through hiking, gardening and engaging in other outdoor activities together


Adapted from Richard Louv in The Guardian