Balancing Act

Relationships revolve around communication
feels like you’re always balancing on the edge

Just one slip up and you could be washed up
until the trust, respect and compromise grow

Love deepens as the years go by
no need to doubt as you know each other

Common ground is well established
you know the habits and the ways

Access to a vault of shared memories
of children, family, holidays and delights

As health declines you are able to care
for each others needs without question

A life filled with love and habits shared
death leaves a gapping wound until you reunite

Photo Challenge #202 – Photo by BleachFilm – 21.2.2018


  1. We’ve celebrated our 25 years (the cruise was our recognition of this). Old love is beautiful and I dread the day one of us will have that gaping hole in their lives. Saying that I know we still have to work at our relationship. Complacency is not a place one wants to visit.

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  2. So beautiful, you have encompassed the emotions of the whole life in a poem. How we through ups and down in a relationship, testing times, our kids our memoirs which gives us the strength and courage. and Finally, the death which creates the gap.

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