Watching people is a favourite pastime

Like to observe if they act as they speak

as often behaviour doesnt align

with our words so then keep my distance


For those with forked tongues usually

lack insight – they dont mean any harm

but their words lose charm when actions

dont follow as promised, so be aware


coz they often don’t notice that they only

sprout hot air they may have good intention

but just not the commitment to follow up

Is this their regular pattern or just for now?


Beware if its a habit for they seldom change

are they plain lazy or just targeting you

By watching you learn not to take such things

personally if its merely their regular manner


Saves feeling attacked or neglected when your

expectations allow for peoples odd patterns

for if we hang on every word then discover

that they are hipocrites its a real let down


We blame them but its our own discernment

that was askew, so check to closer view

do their actions align with their words

for when they do youve discovered


A valuable honest and trusted friend

someone you can truly respect

a reliable person who is kind

are real precious gems to find!


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