Begin Again

Even in winter new shoots sprout on a cut tree

Each day is another opportunity to improve

on everything that came before it … just be



Learn from past mistakes and resolve to refrain

try to do better every day, each lesson a real gain

For if we’re not growing we’re merely standing still



  1. Too often we do stand still. I just read a cool bit of inspiration found in an old Real Simple Magazine by Chade-Meng Tan (one of Googles’ first engineers…
    The article is titled: How to turn stress into joy:
    “The ability to find joy in your daily life is highly teachable. Here’s an easy way to practice during a tense moment: First, secretly identify someone around you. it can be anyone…..
    Then take in one slow, deep breath, giving full attention to the feeling in either your nose or your belly, and maintain that focus as you slowly exhale. As you exhale, think, “I wish for this person to be happy!” Sincere goodwill is picked up unconsciously by others and creates trust that leads to more positive interactions.”

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