Awareness brings clarity and focus

Balance ensures a healthy attitude

Contemplation provides spiritual space


a positive Attitude makes us content

Beauty abounds when we are at ease

Calm brings peace and all are appeased!


12.6.2018 – starting to repost a few oldies … new one tonight another in my moon series


  1. Sounds like the peace that flows through me in my yoga practice. I do something called Holy yoga a few times a week where we begin our practice with a scripture and end with a devotional reading. It’s very uplifting and peaceful.😊❀️

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  2. Wise words and nice amphibians.
    I’ve seen some frogs by the creek, but mostly they hop back in the water when startled.
    Though the other day one jumped the wrong way when I was doing yard work.
    So I stopped so it could reach the creek instead of heading the wrong way. πŸ™‚

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