Moon Light #couplet

the moon shone down radiantly bright

indiscriminately bathing us all in light


her warm inviting glow led me to her glen

sprawling tree with an outlook I did yen


I sat comfortably in undisturbed contemplation

surveying a vast view of vibrant light saturation


blissful serenity embraced one and all

loving kindness soaked like heavy rainfall


so on full moon or in deep sleep

radiance and calm will surely seep


if we open our hearts to true unity

inner wealth ensures our impunity


joy and love upon us will burst

saturate us with it’s amazing thirst


inspired by Jenna the Sunshine Artist – sorry I changed the setting from the sea and found a glen instead of a glade 


  1. Namaste Calm Kate 🙂

    Why am I not surprised that such tender sentiment flows from your heart and finds its way into your verse with such ease?

    Thank you for sharing your poetry.

    Namaste 🙂


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  2. I took a photo of the December full moon. I played with the photo lab at the drug store and in one mode it created a rainbow ring around the moon. I really need to save up my pennies for a better camera! 🙂

    I enjoy the peace a clear night brings. However, we have rain again – just less than two inches to go to meet the record of the highest rainfall of the year (since they started keeping track, anyway).

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