Stress Busters

Go for a mooch, more of a meander than a walk … stop look listen

Climb a tree, the world looks different and troubles seem much further away

Pick something, wash it under the tap and eat it raw – parsley is my favourite!

Make your favourite treat with all the embellishments – mint slice, scones n jam

Or make some bread, all that kneading and working is therapeutic

Give someone a bunch of flowers – a neighbour, a stranger, your grocer

Look at photos of old friends, good holidays – have a moment down memory lane

Plant a tree or a shrub – giving back to the environment is healthy

Listen by being still, call it pray or meditation or just connect with the earth

Eat a chocolate frog and offer one to the next person you meet

Buy a friend a coffee or leave one to be paid forward to someone struggling

Help someone – give a lift, visit when sick, help them move, weed their garden

Adapted from Jackie French in Earth Garden


  1. Reblogged this on Blog of Hammad Rais and commented:
    Speaking about being dragging along on rough surfaces of negativity since this morning, I received another helping hand from Kate Blake through this small but lovely piece of rescue remedies.

    Use them frequently for your heart, mind and soul’s peacefulness 🙂

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  2. I was at a holiday party that had draws for prizes. I put in two… for a few things. Had about a dozen tickets to play with. I won the things I’d picked for two other people 🙂

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