A sleepless night

another family fight

GP not too keen

but another script I did glean


It keeps me calm

surely it’s no harm

Told son to stop the kids drinking

what can they be thinking?


The young ones today

go too easily astray

What if they drink and drive?

For high morals they should strive.


In my day parents were strict

good habits one could predict

I wouldn’t drive after drink.

Must tip those other pills down the sink.


They didn’t ease my pain

so got valium again.

Doctor wants me to change

but I know they keep me sane!


In hospital now from a car crash

Specialist says valium must go

What does he know?


Says I’m going blind

And could lose my mind

Called my valium a drug

But I’m not a thug?


So don’t be a mug

Pharmaceuticals are drugs!

13.07.2005 … and another poem to be wary of your doctor