A sleepless night

another family fight

GP not too keen

but another script I did glean


It keeps me calm

surely it’s no harm

Told son to stop the kids drinking

what can they be thinking?


The young ones today

go too easily astray

What if they drink and drive?

For high morals they should strive.


In my day parents were strict

good habits one could predict

I wouldn’t drive after drink.

Must tip those other pills down the sink.


They didn’t ease my pain

so got valium again.

Doctor wants me to change

but I know they keep me sane!


In hospital now from a car crash

Specialist says valium must go

What does he know?


Says I’m going blind

And could lose my mind

Called my valium a drug

But I’m not a thug?


So don’t be a mug

Pharmaceuticals are drugs!

13.07.2005 … and another poem to be wary of your doctor


  1. Oh the evils of drugs, so very close to my heart, my elder brother is still a drug user at 69 years old, and I’ve too many stories to tell…… but I keep caring………. I keep trying………. I keep crying….

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  2. We all have something to face up to on the potential of addiction, but script drugs are among the worst per capita. I’m one of those nuts that uses homeopathics and I must say I’ve been inorganic drug free for 35 years.

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    • wow that is impressive Paul … my stupid mistake was to take the anti-hormonal medication for my breast cancer for ten months … the side-effects were horrendous and it took 5 months to clear from my system … huge weight gain, only managed to lose half + hearing impairment! It is so wrong as femara has not been fully tested … they often use Aussies as guinea pigs!
      Did you read about the faulty medical implants … 😦


  3. Oh kate i can totally relate to this…it seemed that one prescribed medicine will eventually lead you to more medications. Back in 2004 i had an emergency throat surgery. As a teacher i suffered throat problems ..little did i know that there were nodules growing…then came that fateful day when i have to go through the knife..well to cut the story after the surgery my doctor said that they had removed my thyroid gland because it is where those nodules has been multiplying.
    So no more nodules..thyroid gone..
    And i have to be on a thyroid replacement hormone pill for the rest of my forward 2 years after the surgery i read that the doctors could have just removed the nodules and spared my thyroid because chances of the nodules recurring would be very slim and if it does it would take so many years before it even will grow bigger…but thyroid when removed…patient would have to be dealing with multiple medical conditions since its our first line of from that they on i was already very keen about doctors advise (with all due respect)

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    • Oh Mich I’m very sorry this happened to you … our thyroid is crucial to bodily functions and now you are dependent on medications .. very sad 🙂


  4. Well said, and so important, Kate.
    Medical professionals are often too quick to prescribe drugs. Especially pain meds.
    When I went in to the doc with pain the first thing they want to do is give me a pill…I said to them, “I don’t want the pain med, I want you to find out what is causing the pain!”
    But, then I hate swallowing pills, so I’m always looking for other remedies.
    Even after my cancer surgery I didn’t take anything stronger than an off the shelf pain reliever and I only took it for a few days.

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  5. I do hear from time to time that parents in many countries can’t be restricted up with their own children, even if they are going down the hill. Kids can easily summon police if they feel insecure by their parents behavior.

    Such is not a norm in my part of the world, which is indeed a huge huge blessing, I say.

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