Consumerism took the ‘Christ’ out of Xmas!
Seems more about the gifts we get and buy;
The treats we stuff ourselves with nigh;
Plus family reunions that can push our buttons.

Midnight mass a token ‘spiritual’ celebration,
then home to unwrap gifts and baste the turkey.
Most spiritual Christmas I ever had
was at an Asian hostel

We offered locals a healthy meal
and sang carols in our different languages
Gifts were not available nor necessary.
Relatives in our hearts but at a distance.

Childless, I often worked ‘on call’
as most ‘crisis’ occur at this time
Too much alcohol, family blues, credit card debt
and most just concerned about what they can get.

 Attempted suicides, violence and abuse!
The so called ‘jolly season’
alarms many for good reason.
Self-indulgence, false joviality, high costs.

 We should ask why
our greed gets out of control;
Our soul undernourished,
trying to fulfil unrealistic expectations?

 Stop and think about the spirit of Christ;
Of loving kindness, not commercial blindness?
Avoid over indulgence and expensive requests.
Try to nourish your inner behest!

Please drive carefully as you visit family and try not to over indulge?

 ccc 21.8.2006


  1. Your sentiments, unfortunately, are so correct. Even when it was a pagan celebration, it was probably more spiritual and fun. I have been transfixed by the new Barbies in different shapes and just bought two, to look at. They will be given to a toy drive. One was short with very dark skin and the other was Latino and curvy. Having a mental illness, even fun celebrations push me to the limit so Teddy and I always spend Christmas alone, with a ready made meal, watching silly movies with our cat. I volunteer on other days to help our community. Have a wonderful warm Christmas, Kate. 🐈

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  2. You are so right! This is an important reminder that so many people have such struggles at the holiday time, some drown in negative memories, some get so caught up in the consumerism, etc…and the sweet spirit, the doing good to others, and the jolly is lost. 😦
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. True and agree totally with this poem that has truth in your words, Kate. We have really lost for Christmas is all about and are too much into fun and what are we getting and our wants are never fulfilled. Trees are also unnecessary cut and for what. Every season has lost its charm. Lovely poem, Kate.

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    • yea thanks Ann for adding your voice … one family who read this made a decision to only buy op/thrift shop gifts to the amount of $5 and donate their usual gift buying budget to a worthy cause 🙂

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  4. This is what’s exactly happening to our community.. just sad. Celebrating Christmas without Christ. But we can be light to them. We can within our own families.

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  5. The world has become one big commercial, and greedy man is still not enough. I don’t need so many things and I still buy new ones. What is wrong with humanity that greed prevails over common sense?
    Your poem wise, Kate

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  6. This sums up the unrealistic expectations, the skewed focus on ‘stuff’, the ridiculous stress and consumption around Christmas so, so well! All too often we forget what’s really important. Not just the religious aspects for those that believe in Christ, but being comfortable, having a roof over our heads, having loved ones with us, all the things we can often take for granted. Very nicely written 😊
    Caz xx

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  7. “The spirit of the season” takes on a completely different meaning when you pause for a moment to think about what it is we’re really supposed to be celebrating. It’s probably not the self-inflicted insanity and stress that stems from the consumerism aspect. That isn’t where true generosity lies. It’s in what we give of ourselves, not the frivolous crap we buy to attempt to show our loved ones how much we care.

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  8. Consumerism has affected all holidays – not just those celebrated in December or attached to one religion. And those who choose not to be caught up in that web are often chided for not being in the ‘Spirit’ of what ever is being commercially branded. It is amazing how many traditions have been blended to uphold ‘secular’ once religious holidays. Most don’t know the history of those ancient influences. May we all strive to respect and honor peace all year round and give that which cannot be sold or packaged. The best gift that is of one’s own presence.

    Stay safe, healthy and sane.

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