Consumerism took the ‘Christ’ out of Xmas!
Seems more about the gifts we get and buy;
The treats we stuff ourselves with nigh;
Plus family reunions that can push our buttons.

Midnight mass a token ‘spiritual’ celebration,
then home to unwrap gifts and baste the turkey.
Most spiritual Christmas I ever had
was at an Asian hostel

We offered locals a healthy meal
and sang carols in our different languages
Gifts were not available nor necessary.
Relatives in our hearts but at a distance.

Childless, I often worked ‘on call’
as most ‘crisis’ occur at this time
Too much alcohol, family blues, credit card debt
and most just concerned about what they can get.

 Attempted suicides, violence and abuse!
The so called ‘jolly season’
alarms many for good reason.
Self-indulgence, false joviality, high costs.

 We should ask why
our greed gets out of control;
Our soul undernourished,
trying to fulfil unrealistic expectations?

 Stop and think about the spirit of Christ;
Of loving kindness, not commercial blindness?
Avoid over indulgence and expensive requests.
Try to nourish your inner behest!

Please drive carefully as you visit family and try not to over indulge?

 ccc 21.8.2006