what ignites my curiosity

gets me motivated to create


what lessens my inhibitions

what adds to my renditions


what arouses my mojo

stimulates my very soul


am I open minded

or closed tight shut


black and white

or varying shades of grey


am I up for debate

or avoid any confrontation


do I think things through

or react spontaneously


am I a lover or a fighter

do I get agro or go quiet


how will others remember me

when I’ve moved on


will it be with relief or smiles

with fondness or beguile


what impact have I made

soft traces or sharp indents


do I reflect on how the day went

or blunder on with no retrospect


what triggers my emotions

do I indulge too many potions


do I really know myself

or avoid time alone


always seeking stimulation

or ready for contemplation


have I got a five year plan

or meander aimlessly through life


what are my core values

my aims for this life


how do I cope with strife

strengthen my resilience


ticking off my bucket list

or wasting time being psst


we all have endless choices

or making none is delaying


just what am I conveying

with the life I live

the company I keep

the way I spend your time


try pausing and answering

some of the above


know forgiveness and deep love

keep worthy friends, drop all ‘isms


superficiality and commercialism

are just more distractions


lulling me into further infractions

know what I’m are here for


help all who come my way

to ensure a meaningful stay