Kamal of Boundless Blessings

I consider Kamal to be a great wordsmith in that her posts consistently ‘touch’ my heart!  She was featured on my second blog “Meet the Blogger” back in February 2019

Some very profound wisdom that must be shared and read!

Following lines on A ‘Happy Soul‘ were written at a Buddhist Monastery in Lamayuru, a small hamlet on the way to Leh. Take a look: Who’s a Happy Soul? A Happy Soul stops trying to change others, but instead focuses on changing self. A Happy Soul is one who accepts people for who they are […]

via Happy Souls Are We………… — Boundless Blessings by Kamal


  1. Thanks for these wonderful compliments my dear friend, Kate but it is all thanks to the good in all of us to give out these encouraging positive profound pointers to all of us to be simply Happy Souls and be free from all our Illusionary lives.

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  2. You would be very close to being a happy soul if you could just hire a plumber to fix your waterworks … oops you are one … turn off that tap! lol 🙂
    thanks no time now but will look later, thanks!

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