a Newborn

Alpacas are a very social herd animal

who protect and care for those close

tuppence - 1 (1)

They poop in neat heaps not just random

and gestate for an entire 11.5 months!


Gardeners demand their manure

coz it is so pure


They are wary but friendly

Romeo kisses, Maca demands pats


They have such gentle personalities

and know me well …

tuppence - 1

this is the immediate family – mother, daughter and baby

tuppence - 2

Tuppence smooching up to her sister


Note sister has no left eye

it was plucked out by a bird when she was young

so she always stays close to her mum

ouch talk about timing … this report of a vicious alpaca attack was posted about the same time this was …


  1. This is so lovely. They certainly are affectionate towards each other. How sad about the sister’s eye.
    A beautiful family they are.

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  2. OH MY GOSH!!! ❤ What beautiful faces and sweet souls! We could learn from them about how to care for our own species. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing the photos AND their stories in your wonderful poem!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…now I shall click on the link.

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  3. I’m back.
    Dirty Harry certainly had some anger issues or something. 😮
    And Poor Dirty Harry 😦 …but, I understand why he had to be sent to The Alpaca Farm in the Sky.
    More HUGS!!!

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    • too violent … the neutered alpaca and goats are more gentle souls … we have one full male here who has picked a few fights, I stopped one and the last went so long they both ran out of breath … it’s really quite vicious. Told the owner and he separated out the harmless neutered male the bully was picking on … WT

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  4. I think your post teaches that one bad apple can sometimes spoil the whole bunch.
    But we should judge not the majority against the minority. 🙂

    Lovely family.

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