fresh air on Spillwords

Hi there I’ve had another poem published by spillwords … Fresh Air
.. Spillword photo, NOT mine!

and a brand new baby alpaca was born what a delightful little creature … yes I know try and remember my camera but sometimes I just need to enjoy the moment!


  1. I went over to Spillwords and read your poem, truly a beautiful piece, and I agree whole-heartedly with every word…. Congratulations, on both the poem, and the baby alpaca

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    • lol thanks so much Ivor … I had no part in the baby I can assure you … I watch from afar which will be obvious when you see the gate bars obscuring my photos … but the whole pack get tichy if I get too close although I did initially without my camera much easier to photograph from a distance, that’s what lens are for 🙂

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  2. Well done for the publication Kate. I really liked the poem. Thank you for another reminder of our casual recklessness! And also congrats on the new little life. 🙂

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  3. Yay..congrats kate…i read it and all i can say is: you are in your best element again…and i was smiling when i was reading the part when we have to move to Mars if we dont take care of nature..and my thoughts was sceaming …” nooooo i dont wanna go to Mars”

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