Maths, science and economics

Took place of Sunday comics

History and English

Saw day dreaming finish


Not sure of a worthwhile use

From school subjects forced upon us

Learnt nothing of budgeting, marriage or life

Mending a car, how to cope with strife!


From my education much was missing

Had more fun with boys kissing

Learnt nothing of values, ethics and ideals

Nothing of survival or how life feels


Essential education would include a kind heart

Meditation and self-expression for a start

That we are responsible for our own choices

Unhealthy to follow fads or others voices


To care for our own inner wealth

Best policy for our own health

That kindness and sharing truly rate

Always be respectful and try not to be late


Most of us get irate

As we struggle to deal with fear and hate

No idea of where to begin

When life’s obstacles send us into a spin


Please can we review

What our education doesn’t do?

Incorporate essentials for life

Especially practical ways to transform strife!

26.3.2006  … what did you learn?