Maths, science and economics

Took place of Sunday comics

History and English

Saw day dreaming finish


Not sure of a worthwhile use

From school subjects forced upon us

Learnt nothing of budgeting, marriage or life

Mending a car, how to cope with strife!


From my education much was missing

Had more fun with boys kissing

Learnt nothing of values, ethics and ideals

Nothing of survival or how life feels


Essential education would include a kind heart

Meditation and self-expression for a start

That we are responsible for our own choices

Unhealthy to follow fads or others voices


To care for our own inner wealth

Best policy for our own health

That kindness and sharing truly rate

Always be respectful and try not to be late


Most of us get irate

As we struggle to deal with fear and hate

No idea of where to begin

When life’s obstacles send us into a spin


Please can we review

What our education doesn’t do?

Incorporate essentials for life

Especially practical ways to transform strife!

26.3.2006  … what did you learn?


  1. Hi Kate. My site, Miss Education, JA talks about the exact same things, how school has led us astray from a good meaningful life by teaching us falsehoods and failing to teach us what we need to know — in other words, miseducating us. I love how this poem captures everything I’ve been thinking about education for the past 3 years. I love it!

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  2. As an educator i say, education has evolve over the course of time. It has incorporated integration of values in each academinc subjects..the problem really though is…what the school, the home doesnt reinforce or vice versa. But of course this is just one small area…which it think if the home (parents) and school (teachers) could only work hand in hand, then maybe just maybe they make a difference.

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  3. Teachers are like nurses, they are overworked, underpaid, expected to get certain result, etc., and don’t have to time to do everything they are trained to do, or want to do, to help those they teach/care for. 😦

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  4. Wonderful poem Kate and exactly why I have a job that I love, the system failed so many people and I have the opportunity to make their second time round ‘not like school!’ However jobs activation is now being pushed on us, which again is about getting students upskilled for employment! What about just learning ‘how to learn’ and ‘learning what you love’…that’s a recipe for success!

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    • pushing the “job” focus in education is a presumption that everyone can and will get a job … which has never been the case for many reasons … time that our education taught how to learn and live …. those gifted ones will be employed anyway but they would be better humans if they knew how to deal with their emotions and resolve conflict

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  5. A wonderful poem. This reminds me of an incidence: what my boy then 9 years thought about school. One day after coming rom school he said instead of teaching us about city council and their elected members wouldn’t it better if we learn basic traffic rules.

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  6. I hated school. I agree, the state education system is geared to making us employable, which is fine for those who understand the ways of the world, but it doesn’t prepare us for life in general. I was like you – more interested in kissing boys. and sex education didn’t advise us of things like how to recognise and avoid predators.

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  7. I learnt to brainstorm and that has helped me to approach obstacles both tangible and concious but the blessing I seeming to be like a curse as I am very much hard headed and so much of a son of a gun..

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  8. Of course, I agree with your thoughts, Kate. It is difficult to keep focused on things others think we should learn, rather than things we wish to learn. I agree that education for the heart is also important, as is how to interact with others and be an active and responsible citizen. I love philosophy and ethics courses for doing this, as well as lessons that emphasize, friendship, acceptance and empathy.
    Well said.

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    • thanks for sharing your viewpoint Norah … I know teachers are bound by the curriculum but it’s that which needs changing to include more practical life-changing topics … really seldom use much of what I studied since I left 😦

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