Bullying & Beyond .. Really Listen! — by Create Space

Marie is posting a series on Bullying after supporting her son through it …
so please read her other posts …
but this one in particular is key to all our relationships, we must Really Listen!


In my first post about bullying I wrote about the importance of not losing heart, Bullying & Beyond…1.Take Heart! In this post I’d like to focus on the importance of listening… 2. REALLY LISTEN! Children come home from school and everyday we ask them the same questions… How was your day? What did you do? Tell […]

via Bullying & Beyond…2.Really Listen! — Create Space


  1. Kate, I don’t know what to say, except “thank you!”. I feel that all our struggles have been worthwhile if even one other victim, mother, parent or caregiver can gain some encouragement and hope for better things to come if they are struggling to cope with bullying or its after-effects. Much love and gratitude for having come to know you and for your friendship! Marie xx

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    • Marie it’s a very important topic and you and your family have managed to navigate it and come out winners … as you say if only one person is helped then it’s all been worthwhile!

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    • absolutely Paul … if you read back through Marie’s blog she and her family safely negotiated a most successful outcome for her son’s bullying … she writes from direct experience which always has a stronger impact!

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  2. The more parents share their experience the more are the chances to find simple solutions and even helping others.
    A good use of blogging in creating a better tomorrow for coming generations.

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  3. Kate! I am so glad that you shared this. Being a victim of bullying through school, I exactly know how it feels like to live through such a phase. It never is easy when you don’t have a shoulder to lean on and a patient ear to tell your woes to. It’s frustrating because everybody thinks of it as a innocent fun. No, it isn’t!

    Thank you again for sharing this.

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