Whether a leader of the Church choir,

cubs, club, a band or bush-walk,

captain or coach of a sports team

teacher, workplace group or PM


Many others look up

to follow your every example.

They emulate your words and actions;

any kindness, all reactions, any infractions


Many would like to be a leader

as such positions are an ego-feeder

brings kudos, power and maybe good ‘pay’

puts us in the limelight each day in every way


As none of us live in that ivory tower

how any of us handle such power

directly impacts on our ‘team’, sweet or sour

and can also define our final hour


For we know if we are truly kind

help those in a bind

be sure to keep an open mind

then peace and satisfaction all will find


Our followers will mellow and grin

support us through thick and thin

but if unkind, it is a sin

dumps our team right in the bin


One must take care to lead by example

as power gives opportunity ample

to reduce others to tears or fear,

or to spread good cheer and endear!




  1. Great post! I especially like how you really hit on the “Ivory tower” and how we would all like to be in a position of power. just for the sake of being there. These types of mindsets directly effect the members of your team and cause toxicity throughout the ranks!

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  2. Abuse of power is in the news a lot these days. I can see why you have resurrected this poem for a new age. What did Peter Parker (Spiderman) say ” with great power comes great responsibilities”. Timely thoughts Kate.

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