Eric liked his Fosters brew

often drank it with his stew

then lost his job …

struggled with his mortgage a while


Till that went west

kept trying his best

renting got hard

lost his credit card


As things went wrong

more fosters he drank long

it became his crutch

as life spun out too much


Moved back home

bedroom smelt like a brewery

his family in doubt like a jury

their friends visited less often


Unemployment was boring

his depression was soaring

doctor expressed his concern

as Eric’s liver was in question


Drinking mates his big date

as girls he asked would hesitate

they’d heard ‘the Stud’ had Fosters flop!

Although big and cute this they wouldn’t cop


What could handsome young Eric do?

As he asked around

AA was the best bet he found

hard as it was ‘alcoholism’ he faced